Wednesday, November 24

Adopted Ed

Do you have a child who was adopted or maybe one that is having trouble being accepted in school? "Adopted Ed"  by Darren Maddern is the perfect little book to help assist you in explaining it to your child.

Brief Synopsis

"Adopted Ed" is a simple, easy-to-read and understand children’s book with important underlying messages of personal empowerment and social pressures and acceptance.

It focuses on the life of Eddie, an adopted little boy, who is just like every other boy and girl. At school, when he is teased by bullies about being adopted, his mom offers words of wisdom, which ultimately gives him self-confidence to deal with the situation.

This book teaches us that being different is okay and in fact, should be celebrated.

My Opinion

This book is great.  It kept my 5 year old son's attention and was beautifully illustrated with bright, vibrant colors.  Britt always has lots of questions and this book helped him to understand what it means to be adopted.  I also  enjoyed the fact that it talks about social acceptance and how to handle bullying in a positive way.  Sadly, it seems as though most children deal with that at some point. 

I would recommend this book to parents, teachers, or anyone involved with children. 
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This is my honest opinion.  A big thank you to Darren Maddern and One2One Network for sending me this book free of charge in exchange for review.  To view my full disclosure click here.

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