Monday, October 11

Soccer Start Up

Saturday was Britt's first official soccer game.  He looked like such a big man in his soccer uniform.  I was a little nervous for him about the game because he only had two practices before going to play an actual game. 

It did show quite a bit that most of the team did not know what they were doing.  There is only one six year old on the team and the rest are 4 & 5 and have no experience, so it made for an interesting game. 

Right at the start of the game the coaches asked who wanted to be the goalie.  Britt raised his hand eargerly but was soon regretting his decision because he got hit right in the middle of his chest by a kicked ball.  The game went downhill after that for him and we could tell he wasn't really into it. 

Luckily, he had another game Sunday afternoon and was able to regain some of the excitement that was lost on Saturday.  Although, he wasn't a star player he did try harder.  That is all we expect of him, to try to help his team and have fun. 

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