Wednesday, September 15

Havahart® Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence

A few month ago, I was asked to participate in a program where a company would send me a wireless dog fence free of charge in exchange for a review and for me to take surveys about it once a week for eight weeks.  I jumped right on the opportunity because I happen to have a little dog named Rusty that loves to run away every time the door opens.  I could call him until I lost my voice and he would not return if there was something he was interested in. 

A few weeks later, my package came with 2 collars and the wireless dog system.  I took the time to read all of the instructions and watch a short video that just reiterated the instructions, before proceeding to set up the wireless fence. 

To be honest, I was a little nervous about actually setting it up but my fears were soon diminished because it was a breeze.  The model I was sent happened to be the radial fence, so all I had to do was add the collar to the system  and set the distance I wanted the fence to reach around our house.  I chose 50 feet but you have the option of anywhere between 40 ft and 400 ft radius.  If you have a big yard, that would really be to your advantage.  Then I headed outside with Adam, the collar and the flags to mark the fence line.  All you do is go close to the amount of feet you set as your preferred distance and shake the collar.  If it beeps that is where you put the marker.  It was neat because we had a perfect circle around our house of flags. 

Once we finished setting the flags, we began to train Rusty on the new fence.  At first he was a little scared but soon learned where his boundaries were and we could just put his collar on open the door and he was a free man. 

If you are a dog owner that has problems with your dog running away or roaming the neighborhood here this your solution.  I highly recommend Havahart® Radial-Shape Wireless Electric Dog Fence to anyone who is looking for freedom for your dog and yourself.  Your stress level and your dog will thank you.


Anonymous said...

I know someone that needs one of those. :):)

Cool project to be involved in! I always wondered how those things worked.


Kristen said...

How nifty!!! I'm off to check them out--we've been wanting one of these (and looking into it) for some time now!

Frugaluser said...

I love the way the dog is sitting!
I also agree that the dog fences like the one you have are great for peice of mind that they don't run off - or like ours did run into the road and get hit by a car - he was hurt but only a little. (which is why we got an invisable fence)