Friday, August 20

Our Visit to Meet Britt's Teacher

Today, we went to meet Britt's teacher for kindergarten. I was kind of nervous about who he would get. I  really didn't know much about any of them but one seemed like such a nice lady when they were testing the students a few weeks ago that, I was secretly hoping he would get her. Well, I was in luck because that person is Britt's new teacher. Her name is Mrs. Young.  She so very sweet! She and Britt hit it off right away.

Adam asked about the curriculum and although she couldn't tell us a lot, she did say Britt is in one of the higher classes. She said because of that, they just review the basics like ABC's and numbers. After that, they move on to things like the continents and learning to read. He should be able to read at a level one or two before school ends.

We signed all the various sign up sheets. Adam signed up to volunteer (since I have Paisley at home) and joined the PTA. My time will come for that once Paisley starts school. 

We then toured the school and I have to admit I wasn't sure what it would be like but everything is very nice.  It is a very, cute kid friendly atmosphere.

Britt's big day is this Monday, so I will have more to post after that. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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