Tuesday, August 24

It was Awesome!

My little Britt-man had a "AWESOME" first day at school yesterday.  He said he really likes his teacher and even met her boss (I am assuming the principal.)  He told me he had music class and was singing the new songs he learned for me.

I am just so happy Britt really likes kindergarten.  He even made a new friend named Manny.  He told me, "I didn't know there was anyone that lives in Gainesville named Manny." 

The teacher sent home a packet with information and the school calender.  In the packet was a paper with his daily schedule on it.  Here is his day for anyone who is interested. 

Daily Schedule:

8:00-8:45      Morning Meeting / Calender Math

8:45-9:15      Specials- Art, Media, Music, & P.E

9:15-10:45    Reading

10:45-11:15  Lunch

11:15-12:00  Math

12:00-12:30  Teacher P.E

12:30-1:00    Writing

1:00-1:30      Science / Social Studies

1:30-1:45      Dismissal

This morning Britt actually got up before me and was excited about starting another day at school.  I hope he continues to really enjoy going to school as much as he does now.  We will see :)

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Anonymous said...

how sweet! I am thrilled he had such a great first day. I LOVED going to school too. I bet he will love it forever, he is so social.