Monday, August 23

First Day of School!!!

Britt started his first day of school today.  He was so excited that, even though he had to wake up around 7:00am, he was raring to go.  Hopefully, he continues to be as excited after the newness wears off.  Here is a video of him on the ride to the school.

In front of the kindergarten wing. 

Daddy's Goodbye (grab a tissue Meme :)

Our Big Man, so Grown Up!


Anonymous said...

I love these. How sweet. How did you hold up? I am positive I will be a mess. I am amazed at how much he looks like your dad in all of these pictures. What a big boy! We are so proud of him. I bet Miss Paisley will learn to enjoy the special one on one time she has with you after she gets used to not having her big brother there with her.

I am so glad he is having such a great time!


Punkin said...

Too cute!!!! I can't say a thing, this kills me. But I know he is so excited to make some friends. Paisley acts a little sad in the video on the ride home.