Monday, June 14

Pool Time

The pump on the intex pool that we had last year is no longer working, so we decided to get the kids a blow up pool to swim in until we decide whether to get a bigger one again or not. The dimensions of this pool are 90" x 90" so it is big enough for kids to have lots of fun in and adults to sit in. There isn't room for lap swimming but you can still cool off. I don't know about where you live but it has been extremely hot here lately. Take your breath away hot and something to cool off in is completely necessary.

We thought there was a hole in the pool the other day because all the air let out of it. When I picked it up to try and find the hole I found the part where you inflate it was open and that was why it lost all its air. I was so glad it was that and not that the pool was ruined already.


Punkin said...

YES it is very hot here also. And at work the air-conditioners decited to stop working which makes it worse when the evening sun barrels through the front windows. So the pool looks refreshing and fun for the kids.

The Traveling Turtle said...

I want to puke every time I walk outside! We have that pool for celie and Matthew did not know you had to have those hole things plugged up and he was pumping and pumping and the pool would not fill up. And then when Matthew went to let the water out the first time, I thought the heat made the whole thing deflate... thankfully it was that dang plug thing. I am glad you all are able to get in the water and cool off - it is miserable outside!