Monday, May 31

Memorial Day Fun

For the past few years we have visited my family in Pennsylvania, so it was a change for us to be home for Memorial Day this year. We considered going to the beach but then decided just to get some food and celebrate at home. We walked around Walmart a while deciding what food to buy and then settled on party food. It was yummy and a great choice. I am looking forward to eating some left overs in a little while.

After lunch I mowed the lawn a little while and Adam set up the kids slide with a piece of vinyl at the bottom to slide onto. They had so much fun.

These pictures were taken after the slide fun, when Britt and Paisley were fighting over the hose. Let me tell you, there is NOTHING like the wrath of Paisley.

A BIG "Thank You" to those men and women who fight and have fought for our freedom. Happy Memorial Day!!!

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The Traveling Turtle said...

I am glad you all had a nice weekend together. It is so nice to stay home sometimes....we did the same thing.

Paisley looks like she is really getting on with it. There is nothing quite like the fit of a 2 year old. :) (Thank goodness) :):):)