Monday, May 10

Finally Some Beach Time

Going to the beach has been on the top of my to do list for a few weeks now. In fact, before we left to go to Port St Joe, I told Adam that is the one thing I definitely wanted to do while we were there.

It never happened, every time I would mention it, everyone would get quiet and Adam kept telling me, "tomorrow we will go." I don't understand the not wanting to go the beach because I grew up 4 hours from the closest one and the beaches I went to weren't nearly as nice.

Anyway, on Saturday I got my wish. We went to Cresent Beach about an hour and a half away from our house. It was a beautiful day and we had a really nice time. Britt got right in the ocean swimming and going out with the Adults. Paisley was a dare devil and did not want you to hold her. She kept saying, "Wook at me, I swimming, I swimming." We had to really watch her because she would just go right in without anyone else around.

After we were done at the beach, we took the kids to a splash area were they could rinse off and have a little fun. Britt loved it but Paisley was a little apprehensive.

When then headed back home and stopped on the way for some fried chicken from a place that was recommended to us to eat at the house. It was a really nice day and beat the day we had planned of working around the house.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

Cute pictures! I love kid's bellies in their suits. I wish mine looked as cute. :) It sounds like you all had a really nice day and the water was warm enough to get in. It has to be at almost bath water state for me to agree to going in.

Celie loves the idea of the splash pad but she got "stuck" inside one with my dad last weekend and they all started going off at the same time - she was terrified. She wants to touch the water from them only if you are holding her and putting her near the water when it shoots up - fun for her, not so easy for me to do at this point in time.

I am glad you all had a chance to make it to the beach. I love going as well, even though I grew up going almost every day of my life. It is great entertainment - and FREE!