Tuesday, May 18

The Circus was in Town

About two weeks ago we received discount coupons for a circus that was coming to town and thought we might go. We decided to go last Wednesday. It was an experience for sure. Some of the acts were good but I could tell the kids were mainly there for the animals. It was very hot outside and even under the tent, so we were all sweating.

Before the show and during admission, Britt got to ride a pony and then he and I rode an elephant with some other people. I thought it would be fun but it sort of felt like you were on a rocking boat. Britt didn't seem to mind it though. Paisley had fun going up and down a huge slide. I couldn't believe she climbed up there all by herself. I should know though because she climbs on everything here at the house. She is growing up so fast.

After the circus, the kids got to feed some animals in a pin including a donkey, cow, lama, zebra and some goats.

We had a interesting time but I doubt I will take the kids again very soon.


The Traveling Turtle said...

COOL! I bet they did love seeing the animals. Do you all have a Zoo near you? I bet a petting zoo would be fun. How cool to see and feed all those animals!

The White Whimsies said...

We have a teaching zoo in Gainesville. It is nice to walk through but nothing major.