Wednesday, April 28

Mommy's Shoes

Most of you already know this but we did some rearranging and painting a few weeks ago in our house. Britt and Paisley were in a small room that was originally just Britt's and adjacent to their room was a bigger office / playroom.

This situation caused problems quite often because the office stuff was just sitting by their toys saying to the kids, "please come play with me." Of course, they would do just that. We have had permanent marker and pen on various items and walls throughout the house and several items missing have gone missing or be broken.

To solve this problem we decided to paint the kids room and office and to switch them so that the kids could have all their toys in their room and maybe help them to stay away from things they should not be touching.

We got this great idea that along with moving everything around we were going to paint both rooms too. Adam happened to be off for a few days and we thought we could handle it.

Well, part way into the job Mr. Adam ran out of steam. Guess who had to finish up the massive project that we started? It was me with Adam half heartedly helping once in a while and a little help from my sister.

Let's just say we won't be tackling anything that big anytime soon.

Well, after we were done rearranging the rooms. My brother in law built us a closet in the room we are in now so, that we could hang our clothes in our room instead of the kids new room. I love it because I don't have to walk across the house in a towel from the bathroom to get my clothes or get dressed in the steamy bathroom.

With this change, Paisley has decided she is going to try on all my shoes and walk around the house modeling them. Britt joined in on the fun today too.

I need to find a better solution for them but right now they are all on a shoe rack on the floor in my bedroom.

Here are the models.......

Paisley running away after I caught her with my shoes.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

Ah yes, running out of steam. It seems to be a trait the brothers share. Matthew usually warns me about 1/3 of the way into things - "we need to hurry b/c I am losing interest." And I end up doing it alone too. :) It sounds like the set up is working out much better though - I bet it was a lot of hard work. I love your little models. Too cute!!!