Sunday, January 24

She Did It!

There is big news in our household today. Paisley went poop poo on the potty for the first time! She likes me to sit her on the big potty before she gets her bath "bathroom." If, you remember the last time she went to the potty in the actual potty was back in the summer.

Well, I automatically sat her in the bathtub this time and she told me she had to go pee pee. When she sat down she immediately went poo poo. Big progress from the usual sitting and giggling.

We are so proud of her and hope she keeps practicing and then maybe one day be out of diapers. That would be wonderful for all of us.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

That is awesome news!!!!! Way to go Paisley!!!!!!!

Maybe there is hope for us, after all. Celie was doing so well until we took panties for her to be trained in at Jen's. Now, she is not willing to really sit on the potty as much as she used to be. We were in the routine of her going #1 every morning for Matthew, but that has ended since the panties went with her. Not sure what happened there, but I am not going to force her to do anything before she is willing. I learned that lesson early.

I am so proud of Paisley! What a big girl!!!!!