Friday, January 8

Hands on House at our House

Paisley pretending to roll her eyes. She is so silly.

We now have the Hands on House grocery store at our house. If you remember when we went to my parents for a visit, my sister Bobbi took us all to Hands On House and they had a blast. Well, when my parents came down they brought Hands on House to us.

My parents both collected empty grocery goods, cleaned them up, and made card board lids for the cans. The kids love going to their little grocery store buying the items and then checking them out at the cash register. This is a great idea and when the boxes or cartons get messed up we can always replace them with new ones.

In other news, my brother in law made me a shelf (as well as the shelf we put the play groceries on and another one at the foot of Paisley's crib)to put up Paisley and Britt's cleaning supplies from Meme and Papa and I decorated it a little. I get lots of help while cleaning. I used my new steam mop today for the first time and loved it. Before I used it I swept the floor and Britt got out his little set to help me. He is really learning to be a good helper.

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Anonymous said...

we got that same set for Celie a few months ago and I love the extra help from the dust mop. :) If only she could get the corners where Lilly's hair builds up, that would be awesome!