Thursday, December 10

My sister Angie and I decided to make some Christmas wreaths for the fun of it this year. One was going to be a gift for a friend and the others we thought we would try to sell. We kept a few for our selves, sold seven to a fund raiser and have two left (the pink & green and the silver & green.) We had so much fun making them that next year we may do more and try to make a profit.


The Traveling Turtle said...

very nice! I wanted to make a wreath this year out of balls, maybe I still will, but these turned out really cute. I love a good wreath. We are always in search of the perfect Spring/summer one for our front door. There just are not many cute ones out there. :)

You guys did a great job. I wish my sister lived closer so we could craft together too. :) My problem is that I hate taking it out and then having to put it all back in a closet when I am done crafting for the time being.

The White's said...

I agree, the mess from doing all the wreaths was driving me crazy. Putting everything back was not fun but I had a good time anyway.

Punkin said...

The wreaths are lovely and I too love making the Christmas ones, they are much eaiser than other seasons (to me). The bows are beautiful!!!