Friday, November 20

Shopping Trip

Yesterday, we went out to run some errands and ended up shopping all day.  I had a few different emails from Kohl's for $5 dollars off your purchase just for signing up for email alerts.  If you are interested click here and enter as many email addresses as you want to get a coupons.  If you try to use them the same day you would have to go to a different register to check out or take someone with you.  The pictures above are of the kids trying out the massage chairs at Kohls.  The one Britt is sitting at is the best.  Maybe that is why he looks so serious.  He is just enjoying the massage.

We were all hungry so, we decided to go to Panera Bread for lunch.  I absolutely LOVE their broccoli cheddar soup.  That is the main reason I go there.  I saw it at Sam's recently and thought about trying it out but haven't yet. 

After that, we went to Ross, Target, and then the Mall.  It was a nice day and we all had a good time.  I got a few Christmas presents but, I have quiet a few more to buy.  I think there will be lots of sales this year for stores to be competitive.  Let's hope I am right. 

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The Traveling Turtle said...

I LOVE Panera! Panama City (which you know is about 7 years behind all other trends in the US) is FINALLY getting one by the mall. I am pretty excited about it.

You will have to let us know how the soup is if you ever try it at Sam's. Me? I would go for a good potato soup every day. It is so good, but so bad for you. :)