Thursday, November 12

Santa Fe Zoo

Last Saturday we wanted to do something a little different.  We first talked about going to the Jacksonville Zoo but really didn't feel like the long drive to and from so, we decided to go to a local teaching zoo. 

At the zoo, we met our tour guide and headed out for our hour long tour.  Our tour guide was really nice and even let Britt walk up next to her and ask all kinds of questions.  He loved every minute of it.  The zoo has a pretty good amount of animals for only being on a small scale. 

After our zoo experience, we went to Sam's club to get some groceries.  We stocked up on a lot of meat products and a few extras.  That is definitely the place to go for meat.  You can buy a 5 lb tube of hamburger meat for around $20.  It is 90% lean.  That is a great deal.  The butcher said it is the same meat that is in the smaller packages only they grind it and to make it look nice.  Who cares about how it looks?  The taste is what matters and that meat it really nice quality.  I also bought a whole pork lion that was on sale.   The only downside to buying in bulk is that you have to seperate it and freeze it when you get home.  Not a big deal to me for the savings you get. 

Britt and Paisley love getting to eat their way through Sam's so, they enjoyed that part of the trip too. 

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