Monday, November 23

Rub A Dub Dub

Britt and Paisley love doing things together including taking baths.  It is cute because you would think Britt would be doing all the leading and Paisley would follow him around but, that is not the case.  Paisley actually does her share of leading Britt around and getting him to play the games she wants to play.  They go from playing dinosaurs to playing dolls. I am so glad they have each other to play with. 

A few weeks ago, we decided to move Paisley into Britt's room.  She had been in our room since she was born.  Not that we wanted her there all that time.  We just didn't have an extra room for her anywhere else.  I was a little skeptical about her move because I thought the kids wouldn't ever go to sleep playing around.  It has been about 4 weeks since the move and they have done great.  I think they laugh and giggle a little more but that is pretty cute to listen to.  The only draw back to it all is that Paisley wakes up earlier than Britt does and yells his name until he wakes up.  He doesn't seem to be that bothered by it though.  We try to catch her and tell her to be quiet if we can but we can't hear them all the way from our bedroom. 

It would be great if Britt and Paisley would stay good friends with each other growing up.  I was born  7 and 9 years apart from my sisters but I love the closeness we have as sisters. 


The Traveling Turtle said...


I am 3 years younger than my sister and although we had our share of fights when we were younger, we grew out of that into best friends. I hope Britt and Paisley stay that way too. :)

Punkin said...

Well me and Dink are only one year apart and we were the best of friends until high school. I am so happy that Britt and Paisley are best buddies. They look like little sweet angels in the tub!!!
I just hate that they are growing up and Paisley will be 2, I just can't believe it and Britt is 4 1/2
Can't wait to see my babies.