Saturday, November 14

Recent Park Pictures

These pictures were taken last week when we took Britt and Paisley to the park.  This particular park is under construction right now so, we aren't able to go when the construction workers are working.  Britt calls this one the Kangaroo park because we have to turn by the gas station named Kangaroo to get there. 

In other news, Paisley seems to be a little better although, I don't like the sound of her cough.  I am going to keep an eye on her and possibly call that Doctor if that doesn't get better by Monday or if it doesn't loosen up a little. 

Today, I decided to deep clean the bathroom and while I was in the process of doing so Paisley would come in and say, "what you doing guy?,"  I guess I ask the kids that a lot when they are in another part of the house and are quiet.  I definitely need to check on them at that point.  The sooner the better.  Sometimes it involves pens or markers (usually permanent.)  Anyway, Paisley asked me that several times and I thought it was really cute.  She also says thank you and your welcome together.  For instance, when I give her a milk cup, her answer is, "thank you, you're welcome."

This day has been so long to me.  I know part of it is because Adam had to work but, I should be used to that.  I am glad it is finally coming to an end. 

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The Traveling Turtle said...

cute! you guys have such nice looking parks there! I know the kids have a blast, they look like they are best buddies. It's so sweet. I hope the cough has gotten a touch better. All that junk is going around here too. At least she got it before you all left for Thanksgiving though. That would have been a bummer.

I meant to comment on this before, but I could not agree with you more about the meat at Sam's. I actually refuse to buy meat anywhere else b/c I know I would be missing a good deal if I just held out for Sam's. And it is good meat. I, too, HATE portioning out all the stuff but it is worth it in the long run for sure. :)