Thursday, October 22

Hands On House

Face Painting

Harvesting Corn

Grocery Shopping

Dress Up


The Saturday after we arrived we all went to Hands on House with my sister Bobbi.  Hands On House is one of the cutest places I have ever been for kids.  It is based on letting kids touch and do pretty much anything they want.  It is really a childs dream and a parents for that matter.  Not having to say, "don't touch that" was so nice. 

There were stations for climbing, playing with dump trucks, fishing, face painting, dress up, grocery shopping, driving a tractor, getting eggs from a hen house, milking a cow, harvesting corn to feed the pig and sell to the grocer, market, or chef, a factory, a huge light brite, and a fun game to zap germs.  We will definetly go back again sometime.

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Anonymous said...

what a cool place! I would have loved to have seen the kids in action there. I bet they loved it!


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