Monday, August 10

Picnic At The Park

On Saturday, we went over the the park near our house again. We took lunch from Arby's (I know what you are thinking Arby's is not picnic food, but it was still good) along and sat on the gym equipment, ate, and then the kids played for a while. It was really nice. We may have to do "picnic" lunches and trips to the park more often. Adam even told me he has seen the light and now enjoys taking the kids to the park.


Punkin said...

so cute, I am glad Adam saw the light:):) And I see Britt's "beauty mark" on his nose.
So is that real grass? I wish we had a nice park at White City, it would be so nice to take the kids to - I might do some checking in on that.

The White's said...

No, it is actually astro turf with padding underneath. Very nice for a kids play area. We were talking about doing that out our side yard. I don't know if we will though or even what it costs. It would be great to keep dirt from being tracked in the house though.