Monday, August 3

Paisley's Kimono

Aunt Bobbi got this kimono complete with a matching purse for Paisley when she went to China for her job. We have had it a while waiting for Paisley to be big enough to fit into it. I thought there was no better time than to try it on her while Bobbi was here for a visit. It fit perfectly. She is such a cutie :) The dazed look is because she was watching Word World on TV.


The Traveling Turtle said...

this is too cute. She looks like a little china doll in it. :)

Punkin said...

Oh my little "China Doll" so sweet and love the hair. Britt looks like a little ginger bread boy, such a tan. Man I wish I could run around in my underwear all the time I know it's got to be cooler.
I am so ready to see the family really bad.