Wednesday, July 8

To the Park with Mommy and Granna

A new park was just built pretty close to our house and it is really nice. Granna (my Mom) and I took Britt and Paisley there one evening last week. They had a fun time.

Paisley had to carry both of her baby dolls with her and then Granna got to babysit while she played on the equipment.

I love how Britt and Paisley play together these days. They are best friends. Britt is so sweet to assist Paisley when she needs help.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

I loved all the new pictures and stories! it looks like you guys are having a really great time wth your parents!

I was bummed that we did not really "do" the 4th this year nor did Celie have an outfit - but it was still a great weekend.

the kids really blended well with the old navy display! so cute!