Monday, June 15

Pool Time

Britt and Paisley have been having so much fun in the pool lately. Britt still likes to have his floaties on but swims really well without them. I don't blame him for wanting them because he is too short to touch the bottom so, he would have to tread water or hang on the side anytime he wants to rest.

Paisley is so crazy when she gets in the pool. I don't think it will be long before she swims because she kicks her arms and legs in the swimming motion and can hold her breath when she goes underwater. Forget the baby float. She is all about jumping in and moving around.

These pictures were taken the other day when Angie and Tom got in the pool after working outside all day. It has been so hot here lately.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

it is AWESOME that she is so free in there. I wish I would have been less ashamed of my body/size last summer and taken Celie in the water more. She loves the baby pool b/c she can stand, but in the big pool with the deep water, she would rather just jump off the side of the pool and make you catch her than "swim". I keep thinking the more we take her, the more she will open up to being in there longer.

Awesome though that P is so good at it already. She looks like a natural. :)