Wednesday, June 3


Britt decided he wanted to paint yesterday. I was in the process of putting window tint on our kitchen window to deflect the sun light so, I was happy to have him entertained and not asking a million questions while I was trying to concentrate. Let me tell you, It is pretty hard to get that window tint on the windows completely flat with no bubbles or marks. That being said I made my share of mistakes. It doesn't look too bad from a distance though.

Britt painted some nice pictures for a few relatives. I can tell he is really maturing. He took his time and used the water color paints the way he was supposed to. He even cleaned up after he was done. Way to go Britt!


The Traveling Turtle said...

we want to get the tint for Celie's room - or some blackout shades - to keep the room from getting SO HOT in the late afternoon and evening. does it work or is it too soon to tell?

The White's said...

I will let you know. Yesterday was overcast here and that was the first full day I had the tint on the window. I could tell the panes were cooler when I held my hand up to the ones that already had tint vs. the ones that didn't.

Punkin said...

I guess Britt is gonna be a "lefty"? Or maybe he will write with both.