Monday, June 22

Cleaning the Carpets

Today I get the fun job of cleaning the carpets in our house. I have been doing so many projects around the house lately and have been putting off the cleaning of the carpets.

We have light tan carpet in every room of our house except the kitchen and bathroom and its gets dirty when you just look at it. Not to mention 3 dogs (we have 2, Angie and Tom have 1), 2 kids, and stepping right onto the carpet after a small rug when you enter the house.

I would love to replace the carpet in our bedroom, entry way, and hallway with hardwood or hardwood laminate, but that is a project later down the road. For now I just have to keep cleaning it. I just hope I can get all of the spots out and it will stay nice at least until Britt's party. Wish me luck :)


The Traveling Turtle said...

do you have a carpet cleaner vacuum? I want to get one and the investment would cost the same for us as getting a company to come and do it once. But I always wonder how well they actually work. I have read RAVE reviews on one from Amazon, but am nervous to take the plunge.

best of luck keeping it clean. AS SOON AS we get the carpets cleaned in our house, it never fails that Lilly pukes up something in our bedroom. EVERY time. And she doesn't puke again until the carpets get cleaned. She is like a cat with the clean litter box. :)

The White's said...

Yes, I have one it is the Bissell Power Steam. It does it's job but I have to say the one (wide track version) that you can rent at Lowes or probably any hardware / home improvement store does a better job. It is just a pain to lug it back and forth from the store.

If you found one that has rave reviews then maybe it would be worth it.