Sunday, May 17

On the way to - Port St Joe, FL

Last Saturday morning we left around 7:00am and headed over to Port St Joe, FL where a good majority of Adam's family live. Adam was supposed to preach at his home church on Sunday to help out.

The car ride was uneventful which we were very thankful for. I thought it was so cute, Paisley fell asleep with a hash brown in her hand and her milk cup. Britt didn't go to sleep until 10 minutes before we arrived. Britt was so excited to be there. He was a little upset with us the night before because we didn't leave on Friday after Adam got off work as we had planned. He got over it when we went to Captain D's for supper.

Paisley was very clingy when we first got there and threw a fit. She is definitely not like her brother about being around people she doesn't see often. Luckily, she warmed up quickly.

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