Thursday, April 30

Poor Rusty

Well, we just made it home after an eventful night. The kids and I were playing outside and I told Britt to go get Rusty so he could be outside too. Britt let him out of the house and I put him on his leash (we have to leash him because he gets out of the yard and we haven't figured out how to keep him in.) Adam came home so, we all stayed out side a little longer and then went to go inside.

When I went to the door I saw all these little red dots on the floor. I called Adam and he turned on the light. The dots were little paw prints. We checked Hannah and didn't see anything wrong with her. Then Adam picked Rusty up. All we could see was a bloody paw. We have no idea how he cut his paw. We think maybe he might have stepped on something outside but it had to be pretty sharp because the cut was so deep. Adam hurried him into the bathroom and started rinsing his paw.

Meanwhile, I went around the house discovering all the bloody paw prints. They were all over our bedroom, living room, and kitchen. On the way to the bathroom blood had squirted on the walls. What a mess! I cleaned up the kitchen and then went to check on Rusty. He had a huge cut on his paw almost all the way through the pad. The bleeding had subsided to almost nothing so, Adam put him in his cage and called the after hours Pet Clinic. We headed right over there. They told us he needed stitches and had to put him under local anesthesia to stitch him up. He was very good about the whole thing and made friends with all the people there.

We made it home around 12:30am, after a $360 bill and a 2 & 1/2 hour wait. Never a dull moment:)


The Traveling Turtle said...

awe. poor little guy. And poor you guys! I am sorry it was such a hard night. :(

Punkin said...

Poor Rusty, is he confined to the crate? Did he get cut at your house? He looks so sad, but maybe still wakeing from being out:):)

The White's said...

I feel so bad for him. We think he got cut out back where we are clearing the property. We saw some glass there earlier today. He is so sweet I hate for him to have to stay in the cage so much.