Wednesday, April 8

Landscape Helper

Britt loves to be a big helper so, this morning when Angie and Tom (his Aunt and Uncle) were planting pots for their landscaping business, he had to help. He was sitting in the big bucket filling pots with dirt. He really didn't want me to take his picture. Can you tell?


Punkin said...

2It was freezing here this morning. Guess not there since Britt doesn't have a shirt on. He is a good helper and I loved the pictures of Paisley and the hair so CUTE. I miss you all!!!!

The White's said...

It was cold early morning but warmed up very quickly. We were commenting that the cold didn't stick around long.

We miss you too. I hope we can come visit pretty soon :)

The Traveling Turtle said...

I love all the flowers. They have pretty cheap labor for him as a helper :). Those are really cute pictures