Wednesday, April 15

I Am Soooo Excited!

My birthday was last Friday and Angie and Tom had given me some photo albums which were really cute and then told me that my main gift was in a warehouse somewhere in Miami. I had no clue as to what they were going to give me and was excited to find out.

About a week prior they brought home a robellini palm tree that had seen its better days from one of their customers that got new ones. I love to revive plants so I decided to plant it and it is my favorite kind of palm. Tom told me it would be an Easter miracle if anything would grow out of it. I kept watering it faithfully though. Nothing happened.

Today Angie calls me out to tell me that she saw shoots growing out of it. I knew this wasn't true because I had checked it just a few minutes before that. Tom stuck some green on it to fake me out. I didn't buy it. Next thing I know I turn around and their is a brand new healthy robellini in Tom's arms. I was so happy. We planted it tonight. Now I can't wait to get mulch so our yard is really pretty.

I am planting the other palm in a different less noticable spot. I don't want to give up on it yet.

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