Monday, April 13

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday went really well. We decided to go to the 9:00am service at our church since the normal one we go to 11:15 was supposed to be packed. Britt went to his class and Paisley actually stayed the whole time in the nursery as well. We were so happy because she hadn't done that until then. We would usually get our number put on the screen sometime at the end of the song service.

We gave the kids their Easter baskets in the morning when they got up but they didn't have much time to play with them before church. They were pretty excited to get them.


The Traveling Turtle said...

they look super excited to get their baskets!

I am glad I am not the only mom that has nursery issues. I always get "the look" from the other moms. Oh well. to each their own, right? :)

It looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter!

Punkin said...

These pictures bring back memories, Adam never liked to wear anything but underwear either. And the big grin, I love it. They do look so excited, I always loved making the baskets, not sure where they are right now. They used the same one every year!