Sunday, April 12

Easter Egg Hunt

We decided to take the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt this morning. I read reviews on the internet that the place we were going to take them had lots of eggs and it was a lot of fun for the children who went the years prior.

When we got to the place there were tons of people. We gathered around a recreation building and heard our intructions for the hunt. They had different locations for the different age groups. Adam and I took Britt to his location and Angie, Tom and Tiffany (a friend of ours) took Paisley to hers since the kids were both hunting at the same time.

Well, we started Britt's hunt got 3 eggs and were done. Paisley managed to get 2 (with a little help of course.) It took all of 3 minutes. Kind of a bummer since we drove 35 minutes to get there. They did each get a small wrapped basket to take home though at the end. It was a fun experience despite the lack of eggs.

When we got home we had another Easter Egg Hunt with more eggs. The kids enjoyed that as well.

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