Tuesday, March 31

Sleepy Time

I just went into the living room to find this on the couch. He looks so sweet lying there. I was thinking a little bit ago it was a little quieter than it normally would be. He was watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua (his new favorite movie) and fell asleep.

Today is overcast and good for sleeping. This is the second time I found Britt asleep on the couch today. This morning he was bundled up there sleeping when I got out of bed. He has been sick for the past week but seems to be much better now. I am not sure where all the sleeping is coming from.


Punkin said...

I love this picture, he looks so sweet and angelic. Did you give him "sleep medicine" like I use to give Adam :):) I guess his being tired just caught up with him.

The White's said...

No sleep medicine he was all natural. That was what made it so strange. He did have some benadryl on Saturday though. His eyes were watering so bad.