Thursday, March 26

My Puppies

Hannah and Rusty are our cute puppies pictured above. Hannah is a Beagle/ Walker Hound and she is the one in the last two pictures. Adam brought her to me with a big red bow around her neck when she was only 5 weeks old. It was about two weeks after we got married and we hadn't discussed getting her but, how could I say no to such a cute little thing.

I have to say though she was a challenging puppy. When we took her anywhere which was most every time we went out she insisted on riding on my shoulders and her claws were awful. She also moaned at every bump we went over in the road. She still moans to this day whenever you bother her. She is now 4 years old.

At about 14 weeks old I stayed home from work because I wasn't feeling well and Adam put her on the porch so, I could get some rest. Well, soon after Adam drove away from the house Hannah decided to follow him and did a love leap off the porch which was off the ground about 10 feet. I honestly think Hannah thought she was dying at that point. She moaned, "Oh row row," over and over. I called Adam to come back and we took her into town to see the vet. He said she had a fracture and put a hard cast on her front leg. Her leg never has been right since. She took forever to potty train too but, that was mostly our fault for trying to make her go in a litter box of pine straw (I know stupid)instead of taking her down the steps to the grass.

For the most part Hannah has been a good dog and we enjoy having her as an important member of our family.

We had another dog named Toby for 2 years he was a year younger than Hannah. He was the cutest puppy. We think a chocolate lab/chow mix. We adopted him from the Humane Society. He was a pretty good dog besides running the neighborhood any chance he got. Last spring he started having seizures and when he would come out of them he didn't seem to know where he was and acted strangely so, we had to make a tough decision and give him back to the Humane Society. I don't know what happened to him after that but, I would like to think he went to a good home.

About five months ago we went to visit my in laws and were introduced to Rusty. Their neighbor had him and didn't have the time to take care of him so, we decided to take him home with us. He was crate trained so, we haven't had much trouble with accidents. He is very energetic and he and Britt are inseparable. They jump on the trampoline, dig, and chase each other. Rusty is pretty ornery about chewing small toys and getting out of our fence but, he is the sweetest little guy and not a mean bone in his body (unless, you are a large stuffed dinosaur at the end of the hall).

Both puppies are great and even though they can do frustrating things at times they are great assets to our family.

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