Friday, March 13

Hair Accessories

When I thought of having a girl the first thing I thought about was all the cute clothes, shoes, and hair accessories I was going to get to put on her. After all, my first child was a boy and although he would probably like to play dress up with that stuff I don't encourage it.

Well, I was wrong in the hair accessory department. Paisley loves shoes and when you hand her a dress in the store she hugs it like a teddy bear and isn't too happy with you if you take it away. Why can't it be like that with hair bows? I have all these hair barrettes and clips she got for her birthday and when I put them in her hair next thing I know they slide out. So I decided not to bother with them.

One day recently I went to the Babies Room a consignment/ baby boutique. I quickly looked at the hair clips they had and then went to move on. The lady at the store then stopped me and proceeded to show me by putting different clips in Paisleys hair that they were the kind that don't slip. Paisley left them in and even shook her head and they didn't fall out. I was so excited. I decided to buy 3 of them to try just the basic pink, blue, and green. Planning on getting a lot more if it was a success at home.

Needless to say, no success. Every time I put the clip in her hair it doesn't slip out but, a little hand goes up there to pull it out, very frustrating. If only Paisley would realize how cute she looks with a bow in her hair and how many different styles there are to choose from. I guess maybe one day I will have my dream of a little girl with bows in her hair.

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